Father Matthew Schiffelbein
I began thinking about priesthood when I was in high school largely because of homilies that Fr. Frank Krische gave about the need for priests.  I always felt somehow singled out, like his homily was directed at me.  Fr. Bill Bruning was also our associate pastor at the time, and he gave priesthood a different image for me.  He was young, energetic, approachable, somehow "real."  I continued to consider priesthood throughout college and into my work on a Master of Music at KU.  Through my involvement at St. Lawrence I began to develop a more regular prayer life and also met other young people who were seriously considering their vocations.  I began to find myself wanting more than a career in music.  As I was pondering what else I might be desiring, I was praying with John 10, the Good Shepherd discourse.  It hit me that priests are good shepherds and that this is what I wanted: to be a shepherd.  I realized I needed to go to teh seminary to settle the question of whether or not I should be a priest.  As my time in seminary continued I began to realize that priesthood fits me.  It really is my vocation.


Typical Day

I don't really know what my typical day is yet.

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